Thursday, May 26, 2011



The Clash - Hateful
B-52s - 52 Girls
The Cure - Screw
Roxy Music - The Space Between
Cut Copy - Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution
Def Jeff - Do You Wanna Get Housed
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX - I'll Take Care of U
St. Etienne - Railway Jam
Orange Juice - Rip it Up (Cosmic Kids Dub)
Oliver - Walk With Me
Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)
Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)
Wham - Nothing Looks the Same in the Light(Instrumental Remix)
Portishead - It Could Be Sweet

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A lot of people don't know that The Stunt Man has a lot of stories. A lot of great stories. On top of that he is a masterful storyteller. I have decided to CHRONICle some of those stories in a series of interviews conducted via text messages.

In his career as a dj, rapper, producer, and recording engineer, The Stunt Man has worked with many many artists.

I remember him telling me about a recording session with the late, great NATE DOGG so I set up an interview and here are the results, which I am sure you will agree are nothing short of xxplosive! - First of all, The Stunt Man, thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.

The Stunt Man [no response] - Moving right along, tell me about the time you worked with Nate Dogg (R.I.P.)

The Stunt Man - The session was from about noon - 3pm - He wasn't very talkative was he

The Stunt Man - [No] - You fared much better with Ice-T [different session]. What was it he said when you asked him about Leprechaun in the Hood? [2000 film in which Ice-T appeared]

The Stunt Man - He made a lot of money. That basically ended that question. [ed. note - in person The Stunt Man will say in an "Ice-T" voice "Man, that movie bought me a house"] - Ok finishing up, what was your favourite Nate Dogg appearance?

The Stunt Man - Old stuff, "Regulate" [Warren G]***, Murder Was the Case album, Mista Grimm "Indosmoke". I'll play you my recording one day. it was never released.

***The Stunt Man sometimes plays a 45 remix of "Regulate" that is blended with the Michael McDonald original, "I Keep Forgettin'". People trip.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Likkle mix me and sipreano threw together the other day...

COWBELL RADIO V2 2011 - Kamandi and Sipreano by KAMANDI

We were prepping for the first HISTORY OF DANCE night at the Waldorf - sipreano and TSM killed it, Jason Lev took it to a new level - literally -

Those in Vancity and area watch for the next one...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kamandi Live Mixxx

Could not get a new mix together like Stunty and Deco, so here is a live recording from a few summers ago when sipreano, The Stunt Man and Rhek ripped Loco Locos with me...


McKinney's April 18, Sat - The Stunt Man, Kamandi and Deco - Funk Throw Down V

DECO mixxx - Futuristic Funk

This Sat April 18 is Funk Throw Dizzle Vee, with the Stunt Man (peeped the retarded FB video yet??? -

Anyways, here is Deco's mixxx of Futuristic Funk - click to listen, right click to download mp3 - DECO - Futuristic Funk

If you are in Powell River Sat April 18 come down to McKinneys for some pimpy Dolemite type shit, otherwise enjoy this mix from Deco and the previous one from the Stunt Man, gonna throw up a live mix I did at Loco Locos a few years ago when the ingratiating deciever did those assaniation pieces on sipreano and TSM in the Powell River Peak...