Monday, April 13, 2009

DECO mixxx - Futuristic Funk

This Sat April 18 is Funk Throw Dizzle Vee, with the Stunt Man (peeped the retarded FB video yet??? -

Anyways, here is Deco's mixxx of Futuristic Funk - click to listen, right click to download mp3 - DECO - Futuristic Funk

If you are in Powell River Sat April 18 come down to McKinneys for some pimpy Dolemite type shit, otherwise enjoy this mix from Deco and the previous one from the Stunt Man, gonna throw up a live mix I did at Loco Locos a few years ago when the ingratiating deciever did those assaniation pieces on sipreano and TSM in the Powell River Peak...

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